Policies, Laws, Regulations & Procedures

Land Rights Act

An act to establish the Land Rights Law of 2018

Land Rights Policy

This Land Rights Policy concerns four land rights categories (Public Land, Government Land, Customary Land, and Private Land), and a cross-cutting sub-category called Protected Areas, which must be conserved for the benefit of all Liberians.

Act Against Criminal Conveyance of Land

An act to Amen Chapter 15 Subchapter B, Section 15.21(4) of the Penal Law and creating subchapter AB, section 23 captioned Criminal Conveyance of Land

Civil Law on Land Report

The law establishing the Land Commission in Section 3.1.3 mandates the Commission to “recommend remedies for inadequacies, including but not limited to, actions, programs and reforms of land policy, law and institutions.

Land Commission Consultation Report

The Land Commission (LC) was established byan Act of the National Legislature of Liberia in August 2009 and has a life span of 5 year

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