Parley Liberia

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Parley Liberia provides collaborative dispute resolution and decision-making services to communities, companies and government regulators collaborating to develop land and natural resources in Liberia. Parley’s path finding work with communities, civil society partners and the government of Liberia to secure community land titles has contributed to the development policies and standards related to community self-identification, the establishment of community land governance institutions and inter-community boundary harmonization.

Parley is presently assisting 20 communities to formalize customary land covering an area in excess of 420,000 hectares.


Mehnquelleh Clan (pop. 6,343, est. area 23,171 ha.) is situated in Sanoyea District, Bong County. The clan is comprised of 42 towns and is predominantly Kpelle speaking with significant minority populations of Lorma, Kissi, Vai, Mandingo and Mano speakers. Local economy is based primarily on the cultivation of rice, palm oil, sugar cane, cacao and rubber. The Mehn River is a key natural feature within the clan. Mehnquelleh is bounded by five clans: Kparquillie to the North, Kporyorquelleh and Kpatawee to the East, Walapolu to the West and Nyallah to the North West. The Clan Headquarters are located in Gbonota.