P3CL, Protection of Customary Collective
Community Land Rights in Liberia

Liberia has made significant progress towards land tenure reform since the creation of the defunct Land Commission in 2009. The country adopted a progressive Land Rights Policy in 2013 recommending full legal protection for customary collective community land rights. In 2016, the Liberia Land Authority was established by an act of the Legislature consolidating all land governance and management mandate in one entity, and in 2018 enacted the landmark Land Rights Law of 2018 granting formal recognition and legal protection for customary collective community land rights.

The Land Rights Law, also referred to as the Land Rights Act, recognizes four categories of land ownership including Customary Land, Public Land, Government Land, and Private Land. All the four categories of land ownership enjoy equal legal protection. However, for communities to enjoy all the rights as landowners or the full ‘bundle of rights’, they must complete series of processes including Community Self Identification, Community Governance formation and, Participatory Mapping and Boundary Harmonization. The Liberia Land Authority monitors and validates the process, conducts a Confirmatory Survey, and issues a deed to the beneficiary community.

P3CL is a collaborative initiative of the FCI, SDI and Parley Liberia. The project is supporting 24 communities in 8 counties to complete the Customary Land formalization processes.